Maze Live In Los Angeles 1986

Live In Los Angeles is the second live album by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly to be released. It is also available in some regions as a DVD.

It was recorded at the Universal Amphitheatre on 1 January 1986 and follows on from the excellent Live In New Orleans.

It comes in two formats:

  • a single CD/mp3 download with 13 tracks as originally released in 1986
  • a double CD/mp3 download with 18 tracks in the 2003 remastered version

Both are readily available and therefore care needs to be taken to make sure you get the version you want. Like the earlier New Orleans album, it has been extended by the inclusion of new tracks recorded in the studio. This is odd considering the latest version is still criticised for not including the full concert.

Maze Live In Los Angeles

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Songs On Maze Live In Los Angeles

Introduction – 0:27 (double CD only)
Running Away – 5:34
Too Many Games – 5:27
I Wanna Thank You – 7:24
You – 3:38
Happy Feelin’s – 3:42
Feel That You’re Feelin’ – 6:30
Frank’s Rapp – 1:15 (double CD only)
I Want To Feel I’m Wanted – 5:20
We Are One – 5:42
Joy And Pain – 7:15 (double CD only)

CD 2

Before I Let Go – 5:42 (double CD only)
Back In Stride – 7:45
Freedom – 6:52
I Wanna Be With You – 4:21
Dee’s Song – 5:09
When You Love Someone – 5:41
I Wanna Be With You – 6:56 (Long version) (double CD only)

The live tracks are CD 1 tracks 1 to 11 and CD 2 tracks 1 & 2.

These songs are also on their earlier live album – Running Away (as a studio track), Feel That You’re Feelin’, Joy And Pain and Before I Let Go (as a studio track). In addition You and Happy Feelings were on the original Live In New Orleans double vinyl album but were removed when the album was condensed to a single CD.

I’ve overlooked this album for many years because I thought it was too similarly to their earlier live album. That was a BIG mistake, just as it is a mistake for ignoring this band if you only know their softer ballads.

The greater quantity of live songs is likely to cause a higher rating for this album than Live In New Orleans even if that album has some of my must have songs on it.


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