Wreckless Eric Almost A Jubilee 25 Years At The BBC 1977 to 2002

Almost A Jubilee: 25 Years At The BBC is a wide ranging compilation of live in the studio recordings made by Wreckless Eric and his bands between 1977 and 2002.

Wreckless Eric Almost A Jubilee 25 Years At The BBC

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Songs On Wreckless Eric Almost A Jubilee 25 Years At The BBC

1. Whole Wide World – Wreckless Eric
2. Semaphore Signals – Wreckless Eric
3. Personal Hygiene – Wreckless Eric
4. Reconnez Cherie – Wreckless Eric
5. Waxworks – Wreckless Eric
6. Grown Ups – Wreckless Eric
7. Brain Thieves – Wreckless Eric
8. You’re Gonna Screw My Head Off – Bright, Len Combo
9. House Burned Down – Bright, Len Combo
10. Comedy Time – Bright, Len Combo
11. Selina Through The Windshield – Bright, Len Combo
12. Palace Of Tears – Hitsville House Band
13. Girl With The Wandering Eye – Hitsville House Band
14. You Can’t See The Woods (For The Trees) – Hitsville House Band
15. Bone Marrow – Southern Domestic
16. Take The Cash – Southern Domestic
17. Sign Of The Chicken – Southern Domestic
18. Joe Meek – Goulden, Eric

Tracks 1-4 John Peel Show 11/10/77
Tracks 5-7 John Peel Show 8/3/78
Tracks 8-11 Saturday Live Show 7/6/86
Tracks 12-14 Mark Radcliffe Show 24/9/96
Tracks 15-17 Andy Kershaw Show 13/7/01
Track 18 Jonathan Ross Show 20/4/02


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