Alvin Lee Live in Vienna 1994

Live in Vienna is a live album by Alvin Lee, the former guitarist and singer from Ten Years After.

It was recorded in June 1994 in Austria.

Alvin Lee Live in Vienna

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Songs On Alvin Lee Live in Vienna

1. Keep On Rockin’ 4:15
2. Long Legs 8:18
3. I Hear You Knockin’ 3:37
4. Hear Me Calling 5:29
5. Love Like a Man 5:33
6. Jonny B Goode 2:00
7. I Don’t Give a Damn 5:32
8. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 7:42
9. Skooboly Oobly Doobob 1:12
10. Help Me Baby 9:49
11. Classical Thing 0:56
12. Going Home 13:26
13. Rip It Up 3:44

Playing On the album are:

Alvin Lee – guitar & vocals,
Steve Grant – keyboards,
Steve Gould – Bass & vocals
Alan Yoong – drums


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