Climax Blues Band Live, Rare & Raw 1973 – 1979

Live, Rare and Raw is a collection of live recordings by the Climax Blues Band in the 1970s. It was released in October or November 2014 depending on the format and region.

What we have are:

  • Marquee Club London 1973
  • Live in New Jersey 1974
  • Live in Guildford 1976
  • Live from Miami 1979

These are all on separate CDs. When I get it on mp3 I’m planning to store it as four separate concerts.

I’m not exactly sure of the band make-up at these different concerts because CBB made frequent changes. However the main band consisted of:

Colin Cooper – vocals, saxophone, harmonica, guitar
Pete Haycock – vocals, guitar, bass
Derek Holt – bass, guitar, keyboards
John Cuffley – drums

Peter Filleul played keyboard for much of the time but he left in 1973 and returned in 1975. In between Richard Jones, one of the original band members returned to play keyboards and bass. If the recording at the Marquee was very early in 1973, George Newsome may have been the drummer.

Climax Blues Band Live, Rare & Raw 1973 – 1979

Climax Blues Band Live, Rare & Raw 1973 - 1979

The Set Lists

Disc 1 Live at the Marquee Club London 1973

All the Time in the World – 6:33
I Am Constant – 4:50
Seventh Son – 5:45
Mesopopmania – 10:21
So Many Roads – 16:05
Shake Your Love / That’s All – 7:08

Disc 2 Live in New Jersey 1974

All the Time in the World – 7:21
Seventh Son – 5:04
Flight – 15:51
So Many Roads – 13:44
Country Hat – 9:06
Shake Your Love – 4:03
Going to New York – 10:45
Let’s Work Together – 7:45
One More Time / Stormy Monday – 7:04

Disc 3 – Live in Guildford, Surrey, England 1976

Together and Free – 3:01
Amerita / Sense of Direction – 6:24
Chasing Change – 4:59
Using the Power – 4:21
Couldn’t Get It Right – 3:16
Going to New York – 7:47
All the Time in the World – 2:29
Get Back – 2:45

Disc 4 Live from Miami 1979

Money in Your Pocket – 4:39
Summer Rain – 5:44
Amerita / Sense of Direction – 7:39
Evil – 5:09
Fallen in Love (For the Very Last Time) – 4:45
Seventh Son / Got My Mojo Workin’ – 9:22
Whatcha Feel – 9:42
All the Time in the World / Get Back – 6:03

This nice thing about this type of live recording is that you can gradually see their set list adapt over times as new albums are released.

All The Time In The World appears on all four of the recordings. Seventh Son on three. then there’s a group of songs that are on two.

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