Rush Exit Stage Left 1980 & 1981

Exit Stage Left is the second live album by Rush after the success of their first,  All The World’s A Stage.

It was recorded at two concerts – June 10-11, 1980 at The Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland on the Permanent Waves tour and March 27, 1981 at The Forum, Montreal on the Moving Pictures tour.

This represents the peak time for the group as they changed their sound from the progressive heavy metal of All The World’s A Stage to a more classic rock style. They even started having hit singles with songs like Spirit Of the Radio and Tom Sawyer.

Rush Exit Stage Left

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Genesis Three Sides Live 1981

Three Sides Live is the third Genesis live album, mainly recorded on the 1981 Abacab tour. This is partway on the move from prog-rock to pop-rock.

It’s a confusing background with different versions of the album released in the UK and the USA.

The American version of the album had three sides live and one side of an LP with studio recordings.The British version had extra live songs from earlier, more progressive concerts.

In 1994 the British version of the album was remastered and released throughout the world.

Some of the songs were recorded at the NEC, Birmingham on 23rd December 1981 and I think I was at that gig. I certainly saw Genesis several times at the NEC in the early eighties.

Genesis Three Sides Live

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