Johnny Winter The Woodstock Experience 1969

The Woodstock Experience is a double album by Johnny Winter featuring the recording of his performance at the 1969 Woodstock festival and his debut self titled studio album.

This was recorded on Sunday,August 17,1969.

This is one of a series of albums that have been released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. Others include:

Other recordings of performances at Woodstock have been released by Jimi Hendrix and Joe Cocker.

Johnny Winter The Woodstock Experience

Songs On Johnny Winter The Woodstock Experience

CD 1 Studio album called Johnny Winter
1. I’m Yours And I’m Hers
2. Be Careful With A Fool
3. Dallas
4. Mean Mistreater
5. Leland Mississippi Blues
6. Good Morning Little School Girl
7. When You Got A Good Friend
8. I’ll Drown In My Tears
9. Back Door Friend

CD 2 Live recording of the performance at Woodstock
1. Mama, Talk To Your Daughter
2. Leland Mississippi Blues
3. Mean Town Blues
4. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
5. I’m Not Sure (also with Edgar Winter)
6. Tobacco Road (also with Edgar Winter)
7. Tell The Truth (also with Edgar Winter)
8. Johnny B. Goode


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