Roxy Music Concerto or Ladytron 1979

Concerto is a live album by Roxy Music recorded in 1979 and released in 2001. It has also been released as Ladytron in 2002 and Concert Classics in 1998.


This is Roxy Music after they’ve reunited and recorded the Manifesto studio album so it’s a much smoother, perhaps less interesting group.

This album has been released under license and Briyan Ferry and the other members of Roxy Music have had nothing to do with the release.

Roxy Music Concerto

Roxy Music Concerto

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Roxy Music Concerto Set List

  1. Manifesto – 5:39 (originally on the Manifesto album)
  2. Angel Eyes – 3:57 (Manifesto)
  3. Trash – 2:54 (Manifesto)
  4. Out of the Blue – 5:18 (Country Life)
  5. A Song for Europe – 6:25 (Stranded)
  6. Still Falls the Rain – 4:29 (Manifesto)
  7. Ain’t That So – 5:55 (Manifesto)
  8. Stronger Through the Years – 8:23 (Manifesto)
  9. Ladytron – 5:29 (Roxy Music)
  10. In Every Dream Home a Heartache – 9:06 (For Your Pleasure)
  11. Love Is the Drug – 3:50 (Siren)
  12. Do the Strand – 4:08 (For Your Pleasure)
  13. Re-make/Re-model – 4:05 (Roxy Music)
  14. Mother of Pearl – 6:43 (Stranded)
  15. Editions of You – 3:43 (For Your Pleasure)

That’s six songs from Manifesto, probably their least interesting studio album but it’s combined with a collection of many of their best songs from previous albums.

Concert Classics only has 13 of these tracks with Mother of Pearl and Editions of You missing.

Ladytron has 14 tracks with Ain’t That So missing.

I will be writing a full review of Concerto but it’s an album I only recommend to Roxy Music completists.

Much better Roxy live albums are Roxy Music Live from 2001 or Viva from before they split in the mid seventies.

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