The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Live 2015

Sticky Fingers Live is a live album by The Rolling Stones which is available for sale through Apple’s iTunes store for a limited time.

It was recorded at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on May 20, 2015.

The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Live

Songs On The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Live

As you can see, the order of play has been changed with the big difference, Brown Sugar ending rather than starting the album.

  1. Sway – 3:37 (was track 2)
  2. Dead Flowers – 4:13 (was track 9)
  3. Wild Horses – 4:41 (no change)
  4. Sister Morphine – 5:55 (was track 8)
  5. You Gotta Move – 3:38 (no change)
  6. Bitch – 4:27 (no change)
  7. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking – 7:21 (was track 4)
  8. I Got the Blues – 4:29 (was track 7)
  9. Moonlight Mile – 4:41 (was track 10)
  10. Brown Sugar – 7:22 (was track 1)

I’m torn over this release.

Sticky Fingers is one of the greatest studio albums ever recorded. It has also been poorly represented on the live albums by The Rolling Stones. Even the 1971 concerts have little from the album.

But this is the Stones from 2015. There’s no Mick Taylor or Bill Wyman. The others are 44 years older. No longer bright young things but OAPs.

At the time of writing, it’s not on Spotify so I’m listening to the preview on iTunes over and over again trying to decide if I’m going to buy it. The price isn’t bad at £6.99 / $9.99 so this isn’t the band gauging its fans.

The performance sounds very competent and Jagger sounds good. If only they’d invited Mick Taylor to perform…

My heart says buy it but my head tells me that, after the initial interest, I’ll never play it, always deferring instead to Ya Ya’s, Brussels Affair or even Get Your Live Lungs Out or the original studio album, Exile On Main Street or Let It Bleed which I regard as essential.

I feel like lovers of classical music must do. They love the initial compositions but may be undecided about the specific version under consideration. With the greatest respect, these musicians are imitating one of the best rock bands in their prime period.

I think it’s easy if you’re a Stones fanatic. You have to have it. But my tastes are too diverse ranging well beyond this band and blues rock, even if this is one of my favourite categories. There is so much interesting music to hear and I get focused on a few albums from particular artists and groups.

Buying The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Live

It has been made available only through iTunes and Apple Music.

Get it here

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