West, Bruce and Laing Live ‘n’ Kickin’ 1973

Live ‘n’ Kickin’ was the posthumously released live album from West, Bruce and Laing that was recorded on their 1973 tour to promote the Why Dontcha studio album.

Did anyone ask the riddle “what do you get if you cross Mountain with Cream?”

The answer is West, Bruce and Laing with the following responsibilities:

  • Leslie West — guitar, vocals
  • Jack Bruce — synthesizer, bass, harmonica, vocals
  • Corky Laing — drums

West, Bruce and Laing Live ‘n’ Kickin’

West, Bruce and Laing Live 'n' Kickin' album cover

Set List

  • Play With Fire – 13:26 (cover of The Rolling Stones song)
  • The Doctor – 7:43 (on the Why Dontcha studio album)
  • Politician – 5:41 (cover of the Cream song)
  • Powerhouse Sod – 10:39 (features a bass solo)

With only one song from their first album and nothing from their second, I suspect Live ‘n’ Kickin’ could be significantly improved if the original recording taps could be found.

Unfortunately I’d be surprised if anyone was interested because it seems that Mountain and Cream don’t mix together very well at a personal level.

It’s a shame because musically, the group had promise.

What Other People Have said About This West, Bruce and Laing Live Album

It hasn’t featured in the lists of greatest live albums.

Feedback from the reviewers on Amazon is very positive.


Buying Live ‘n’ Kickin’

You can buy the CD from Amazon.com Amazon.co.ukeBay

At the time of writing, there isn’t an mp3 version available on iTunes although that may change because Why Dontcha is available as an mp3 download.

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