Gov’t Mule Sco-Mule 1999

Sco-Mule is a live double album by Gov’t Mule featuring John Scofield.

It was recorded at two concerts in Georgia in December 1999.

If you’re not familiar with John Scofield, he’s an American jazz rock guitarist who played with the Miles Davis band for three years in the early 1980s – see his Wikipedia page for more details.

His style of playing creates a strong contrast with the powerful blues rock of Gov’t Mule that may delight or disappoint fans of both.

I should also point out that these are instrumental tracks and that’s a problem for me. While I love instrumental breaks and solos, I like songs to be grounded with vocals.

I admire Gov’t Mule’s desire to experiment and try new things live in concert like Sco-Mule and the Dark Side Of The Mule and Holy Haunted House and their desire to share these different experiences with their fans.

Gov't Mule Sco-Mule

Songs On Gov’t Mule Sco-Mule

A limited 3 CD version of Sco-Mule was offered for sale through the Gov’t Mule website provided it was ordered before the main release which has two CDs.

The following was taken from the mp3 version available at Amazon

Hottentot – 11:06
Tom Thumb – 11:06
Doing It To Death – 12:08
Birth Of The Mule – 15:34
Sco-Mule – 9:16
Kind Of Bird – 18:13
Pass The Peas – 10:20
Devil Likes It Slow – 13:02
Hottentot – 11:40
Kind Of Bird – 18:18
Afro Blue – 23:03

There are two versions of Kind Of Bird and Hottentot.

Playing on the album are:

Warren Haynes – Guitar
John Scofield – Guitar
Dr. Dan Matrazzo – Keyboards
Allen Woody – Bass
Matt Abts – Drums

Listening to it, I admire the ambition and skill in performance but it’s not for me. I’ve never found it easy to like modern jazz and struggle with some of the Mule’s improvisations when hey lose too much form.

If you’re interested in Gov’t Mule, I recommend you start by hearing With A Little Help From Our Friends

What Other People Say

I know nothing. It’s loved by people on Amazon.


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