Curved Air Airwaves Live at the BBC 1970 to 1976

Airwaves (or Air Waves) Live at the BBC is a collection of live recordings of Curved Air made by the BBC between 1970 and 1976.

This includes live in the studio sessions for John Peel and live in concert at the Rainbow Theatre in London.

Curved Air Airwaves Live at the BBC

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Songs On Curved Air Airwaves Live at the BBC

1. It Happened Today
2. Propositions / What Happens When You Blow Yourself Up
3. Vivaldi
4. Young Mother In Style
5. Situations
6. Blind Man
7. Thinking On The Floor
8. Stretch
9. Stark Naked
10. Woman On A One Night Stand
11. Midnight Wire
12. Hot n Bothered
13. The Fool

The BBC Radio Top Gear sessions are:

  • tracks 1-3 recorded on 28/04/70,
  • tracks 4-5 recorded on 05/01/1971,and
  • tracks 6-8 recorded on 04/03/1971.

The final four tracks (9 to 13) come from the BBC Radio 1 In Concert broadcast recorded on 29/01/1976.


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