Eloy Live 1978

Eloy Live is a live album by the German Progressive rock band Eloy.

It was recorded on tour in March 1978 while the band were promoting their Ocean studio album.

Eloy Live

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Songs On Eloy Live

1. Poseidon’s Creation
2. Incarnation Of Logos
3. The Sun-Song
4. The Dance In Doubt And Fear
5. Mutiny
6. Gliding Into Light And Knowledge
7. Inside
8. Atlantis’ Agony At June 5th – 8498, 13 P.M. Gregorian Earthtime

I think it’s great fun to move away from the big prog rock bands like Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Camel and King Crimson to explore some of the less well known artists. I particularly like these live albums from PFM and Nektar. Eloy could well be added to the list.

The prog rock experts at progarchives.com give the album a rating of 4.02 which ranks it as excellent. 42% say that it is an essential album. I’ve only added it to my prog rock poll (below) in June 2015 but I expect it to get some support.


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