The Rolling Stones Stripped 1995

Stripped is the album by The Rolling Stones which is their equivalent on an “Unplugged” album which were so popular in the mid 90s.

It was recorded in 1995 and comes from some small gigs and some “live in the studio” recordings.

It sounds very different from the guitar heavy version of The Rolling Stones that blazes away on Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out and Brussels Affair.

The Rolling Stones Stripped Overall Rating – 24/30

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Eric Clapton 24 Nights 1990 1991

24 Nights is an Eric Clapton live album recorded during long stints at the Royal Albert Hall, London in 1990 and 1991. It includes five songs from the Journeyman album he was promoting at the time.

During these concerts Clapton was experimenting with different formats of backing band – 4-piece, blues, 9-piece and orchestra nights and all of these are captured on 24 Nights.

A well structured play list stops the album sounding like a messy mixture as each format is grouped together.

Eric Clapton 24 Nights

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