Camel Never Let Go 1992

Never Let Go is a live album by Camel.

It was recorded in Enschede, Holland on 5 September 1992 while the band were touring to promote their latest studio album, Dust And Dreams.

Camel Never Let Go

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Songs On Camel Never Let Go

In the first half of the show, the band play a track from most of their albums except for The Snow Goose which provides too. They are in date order as well so you can see how Camel’s sound has developed.

On the second disc, Camel play their latest album, Dust And Dreams in its entirety before closing with a song from The Single Factor and their traditional final tune, Lady Fantasy from Mirage.

Disc: 1
1. Never Let Go (originally on the debut studio album called Camel)
2. Earthrise (Mirage)
3. Rhayader (Snow Goose)
4. Rhayader Goes to Town (Snow Goose)
5. Spirit of the Water (Moonmadness)
6. Unevensong (Rain Dances)
7. Echoes (Breathless)
8. Ice (I Can See Your House From Here)
9. City Life (Nude)
10. Drafted (Nude)

Disc: 2
1. Dust Bowl (Dust and Dreams)
2. Go West (Dust and Dreams)
3. Dusted Out (Dust and Dreams)
4. Mother Road (Dust and Dreams)
5. Needles (Dust and Dreams)
6. Rose Of Sharon (Dust and Dreams)
7. Milk and Honey (Dust and Dreams)
8. End of the Line (Dust and Dreams)
9. Storm Clouds (Dust and Dreams)
10. Cotton Camp (Dust and Dreams)
11. Broken Banks (Dust and Dreams)
12. Sheet Rain (Dust and Dreams)
13. Whispers (Dust and Dreams)
14. Little Rivers And Little Rose (Dust and Dreams)
15. Hopeless Anger (Dust and Dreams)
16. Whispers In The Rain (Dust and Dreams)
17. Sasquatch (The Single Factor)
18. Lady Fantasy (Mirage)

Playing on the album are:

Andrew Latimer – guitars, flutes, keyboards, vocals
Mickey Simmonds – keyboards
Colin Bass – bass guitar, keyboards, vocals
Paul Burgess – drums

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