Yes Keys to Ascension 1995 & 1996

Keys To Ascension is a live album by progressive rock group Yes.

Seven of nine tracks are live, the other two are new studio recordings. It was recorded in the Autumn of 1995 and the Spring of 1996.

By now, we have returned to the members of the group who played on the classic live album by Yes from the early 1970s called Yessongs.

Jon Anderson – vocals, harp, guitars
Steve Howe – guitar, backing vocals
Rick Wakeman – keyboards
Chris Squire – bass, backing vocals
Alan White – drums

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Yes Union Live 1991

Union Live is a live album from the tour promoting the studio album Union plus the seventies classics.

It was recorded at the California Shoreline Amphitheatre on the November 22nd, 1991.

5 members of Yes weren’t enough this time. Yes had splintered into a Chris Squire led group called Yes and the old members of Yes had formed a competing group called Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe. This was a genuine union based on re-uniting the two strands of Yes.

Jon Anderson: lead vocals / rhythm guitar / tambourine
Steve Howe: guitar / vocals
Trevor Rabin: guitar / vocals
Tony Kaye: keyboards / sound effects
Rick Wakeman: keyboards / synthesisers
Chris Squire: bass / vocals
Alan White: acoustic drums / percussion
Bill Bruford: electric drums / percussion

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Pink Floyd Pulse 1994

Pulse is a live album by Pink Floyd when they were promoting The Division Bell studio album. It was recorded in October 1994 released in 1995.

It raises some challenging views on what you want from a live album?

Pink Floyd Pulse – Overall Rating = 22/30

I think I’m going to upset a few people on this review although Pink Floyd are one of my favourite groups and I’ve owned nearly all their albums.

Pink Floyd Pulse

Average Amazon Customer Rating – %%AVERAGERATING%%Stars

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