Devin Townsend The Retinal Circus 2012

The Retinal Circus is a double live album and double DVD by the Devin Townsend.

It was recorded at the Roundhouse in London on October 27, 2012.

The Devin Townsend Project band performed at the concert. Anneke van Giersbergen and Jed Simon were special guests.

Devin Townsend Project The Retinal Circus

Songs On Devin Townsend The Retinal Circus

CD 1

1. Effervescent!
2. Lucky Animals
3. Planet of the Apes
4. Truth
5. War
6. Soul Driven
7. Planet Smasher
8. Babysong
9. Vampolka
10. Vampira
11. Addicted!
12. Color Your World
13. The Greys

CD 2

1. Hyperdrive
2. Ih-ah!
3. Where We Belong
4. Detox
5. Bend It Like Bender!
6. Life
7. Kingdom
8. Juular
9. Love?
10. Colonial Boy
11. Grace
12. Little Pig


This album pulls songs from his entire career brought together by an imaginative story and therefore it is very varied. It’s also a shown that benefits from being seen.

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