Moxy Live In Toronto 2013

Live In Toronto is a live album by Canadian hard rock band Moxy.

It was recorded at the Sound Academy in in Toronto on September 7, 2013.

Moxy Live In Toronto

Songs On Moxy Live In Toronto

Midnight Flight – 4:11 (original on the Moxy 2 studio album)
Can’t You See I’m a Star – 4:09 (from the original studio album Moxy)
Time to Move On – 4:42
Out of the Darkness – 5:30 (Moxy)
Another Time – 4:27
Moon Rider – 4:21 (Moxy)
O Fortuna – 3:55
Nothing Comes Easy – 5:41
Fantasy – 5:02 (Moxy)
Sail On Sail Away – 6:05 (Moxy)
Riding High – 5:02
Another Time – 3:56

As you can see, the set is still dominated by songs from their classic first album.

Playing on the album are:

Nick Walsh – vocals
Earl Johnson – guitar
Rob Robbins  – guitar, backing vocals
Oscar Anasetti – bass, backing vocals
Alexis Von Kraven – drums

There have been plenty of changes in membership of this band and only Earl Johnson is an original member. Ironically, it was problems with him that brought in Tommy Bolin to play lead guitar on their first album and gained the band much attention after he joined Deep Purple.

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Their other live album is Raw from 2001.

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