Rhapsody Of Fire Live From Chaos to Eternity 2012

Live From Chaos to Eternity is a live album by Italian power metal band Rhapsody Of Fire.

It was recorded on their tour through Europe in 2012 on their From Chaos to Eternity tour.

Rhapsody Of Fire Live From Chaos to Eternity

Songs On Rhapsody Of Fire Live From Chaos to Eternity

While the title of the album might give you the impression that the album is dominated by live versions of their last studio album, it is much more of a live career retrospective as you can see below.

CD 1

Dark Mystic Vision (originally on The Cold Embrace of Fear studio album)
Ad Infinitum (From Chaos to Eternity)
From Chaos To Eternity (From Chaos to Eternity)
Triumph Or Agony (Triumph Or Agony)
I Belong To The Stars (From Chaos to Eternity)
The Dark Secret (Symphony of Enchanted Lands II)
Unholy Warcry (Symphony of Enchanted Lands II)
Lost In Cold Dreams (The Frozen Tears of Angels)
Land Of Immortals (Legendary Tales)
Aeons Of Raging Darkness (From Chaos to Eternity)
Dark Reign Of Fire (Triumph Or Agony)
Drum Solo

CD 2

The March Of The Swordmaster (Power of the Dragonflame)
Dawn Of Victory (Dawn of Victory)
Toccata On Bass
The Village Of Dwarves (Dawn of Victory)
The Magic Of The Wizard’s Dream (Symphony of Enchanted Lands II)
Holy Thunderforce (Dawn of Victory)
Reign Of Terror (The Frozen Tears of Angels)
Knightrider Of Doom (Power of the Dragonflame)
Epicus Furor (Symphony of Enchanted Lands)
Emerald Sword (Symphony of Enchanted Lands)
Erian’s Lost Secrets (The Cold Embrace of Fear)
The Splendour Of Angels Glory – A Final Revelation (From Chaos to Eternity)


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