Toe Fat BBC Sessions 1969 1970

BBC Sessions is a live compilation album of live in the studio recordings of early progressive hard rock band, Toe Fat.

Discogs gives the following dates for the recordings:

Tracks 1-4 recorded on 23rd July 1969
Tracks 5-8 recorded on 19th February 1970
Tracks 9-10 recorded on 14th April 1970
Tracks 11-13 recorded on 6th October 1970
Tracks 14-17 recorded live in Port Chester, NY on 5th December 1970.

Toe Fat are best known for being an early band in the career of Ken Hensley, best known for his time with Uriah Heep.

Toe Fat BBC Sessions

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Songs On Toe Fat BBC Sessions

Again from Discogs:

Born To Be Wild 3:23
Interview With Cliff Bennett 1:02
Memphis Street 3:03
I’m Yours And I’m Hers 2:56
That’s My Love For You 3:54
Bad Side Of The Moon 3:29
I Done Told You 5:02
Turns Out Like The Rest 2:15
Idol 3:27
Gone 3:12
Three Times Loser 4:00
Midnight Sun 3:21
A New Way 9:04

Bonus Tracks (Audience Recording):
We’ll Be Travellin’ On (Live) 6:08
I Love Everybody (Live) 4:03
There Will Be Changes (Live) 6:40
Midnight Sun (Live) 7:35

Special Bonus Tracks: The Gods – UK Polydor Single From June 1967:
Come On Down To My Boat Baby (A-Side) 2:44
Garage Man (B-Side) 2:30


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