The Baker Gurvitz Army Live In Derby 75

Live In Derby 75 is a live album by the Baker Gurvitz Army.

This was a hard rock group formed by Ginger Baker with Adrian and Paul Gurvitz.

The Baker Gurvitz Army Live In Derby 75

Songs On The Baker Gurvitz Army Live In Derby 75

The Hustler – 9:08
Space Machine – 6:52
Remember – 10:19
White Room – 3:51
Neon Lights – 5:12
Inside Of Me – 7:18
Memory Lane – 4:46
Sunshine Of Your Life – 2:33
The Artist – 6:12
Freedom – 6:43
Time – 5:23
Going To Heaven – 9:48

The members of the Baker Gurvitz Army were:

Mr Snips – lead vocals
Adrian Gurvitz – guitar, vocals
Peter Lemer – keyboards
Paul Gurvitz – bass guitar, backing vocals
Ginger Baker – drums


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