Poison Swallow This Live 1991

The Swallow This Live album by Posion was mainly recorded live but also included four new studio songs.

The live tracks were recorded in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa in Florida while the band was promoting their Flesh & Blood studio album in 1991.

The album has been released a number of times. In America there were 16 live songs and four studio songs. In the UK, there were 13 live songs and the four studio tracks.

The latest CD and mp3 release, when it was remastered in 2004, has been cut down to the 16 live songs with the guitar solo and drum solos edited out together with some of the swearing.

Poison Swallow This Live

Songs On Poison Swallow This Live

Below is the track list for the 2004 remaster:

Intro – 1:18
Look What The Cat Dragged In – 3:43
Look But You Can’t Touch – 4:08
Let It Play – 4:37
Good Love – 3:41
Life Goes On – 6:16
Ride The Wind – 4:12
I Want Action – 4:44
Unskinny Bop – 4:04
Something To Believe In – 6:06
Love On The Rocks – 3:54
Fallen Angel – 4:47
Your Mama Don’t Dance – 3:12
Nothin’ But A Good Time – 7:51
Talk Dirty To Me – 4:27
Every Rose Has Its Thorn – 9:35


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