Sepultura Under A Pale Grey Sky 1996

Under A Pale Grey Sky is a live album by Sepultura.

It was recorded in the Brixton Academy, London on December 16, 1996. This was the final appearance by singer and guitarist Max Cavalera before he left the band.

Sepultura Under A Pale Grey Sky

Songs On Sepultura Under A Pale Grey Sky

Itsari – 1:27
Roots Bloody Roots – 3:37
Spit – 2:27
Territory – 4:59
Monologo Ao Pe Do Ouvido – 1:21
Breed Apart – 4:01
Attitude – 5:54
Cut-Throat – 2:53
Troops Of Doom – 2:46
Beneath The Remains/Mass Hypnosis – 4:00
Born Stubborn – 4:15
Desperate Cry – 2:21
Necromancer – 3:15
Dusted – 3:59
Endangered Species – 8:25
We Who Are Not As Others – 3:57
Straighthate – 5:10
Dictatorshit – 1:35
Refuse/Resist – 3:52
Arise/Dead Embryonic Cells – 3:09
Slave New World – 2:42
Biotech Is Godzilla – 2:43
Inner Self – 4:37
Policia – 2:35
We Gotta Know – 3:52
Kaiowas – 6:12
Ratamahatta – 5:24
Orgasmatron – 6:36


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