Slash Made in Stoke 24/7/11

Made In Stoke 24/7/11 is a live album and DVD by Slash.

It was recorded at the Victoria Hall, Hanley on 24 July 2011. While this may be a strange place for a world famous rock star to record a live album, Slash spent his early years in Stoke.

This is on general release unlike the 2010 live album Slash Live In Manchester which was limited to just 1,200 copies.

Slash Made in Stoke 24/7/11

Songs On Slash Made in Stoke 24/7/11

CD 1
1. Been There Lately
2. Night Train
3. Ghost
4. Mean Bone
5. Back From Cali
6. Rocket Queen
7. Civil War
8. Nothing To Say
9. Starlight
10. Promise

CD 2
1. Doctor Alibi
2. Speed Parade
3. Watch This
4. Beggars & Hangers On
5. Patience
6. Godfather Solo
7. Sweet Child O’ Mine
8. Slither
9. By The Sword
10. Mr Brownstone
11. Paradise City

1. Ghost
2. Back from Cali
3. Beggars & Hangers On
4. Been There Lately
5. Starlight / Interview with Slash


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