Twisted Sister Live At Wacken The Reunion 2003

Live At Wacken: The Reunion is a live album and DVD by Twisted Sister.

The DVD features songs from their 2003 reunion concert at Wacken together with interviews with the band members.

The CD features four May 1980 performances and another archive recording from 1982 before ending with six songs from the 2003 Wacken performance.

Twisted Sister Live At Wacken The Reunion

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Songs On Twisted Sister Live At Wacken The Reunion

This is available as a DVD, a DVD and a CD or a double sided disc that plays the DVD and the CD.

Documentary and complete live performances of:

1. What You Don’t Know (Sure Can’t Hurt You)
2. The Kids are Back
3. Stay Hungry
4. Destroyer
5. Like A Knife in the Back
6. Under The Blade
7. You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll
8. The Fire Still Burns
9. Shoot ‘Em Down
10. We’re Not Gonna Take It
11. The Price
12. Burn In Hell
13. I Wanna Rock
14. SMF

1. Bad Boys of Rock ‘N’ Roll (1980)
2. Born To Be Wild (1980)
3. I’ll Never Grow Up (1980)
4. You Know I Cry (1980)
5. You Can’t Stop RNR (1982)
6. What You Don’t Know (Wacken)
7. Kids Are Back (Wacken)
8. Stay Hungry (Wacken)
9. Knife In the Back (Wacken)
10. I Am I’m Me (Wacken)
11. The Fire Still Burns (Wacken)


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