Chickenfoot LV 2009 2012

LV is a live album by Chickenfoot.

This was recorded in 2012 and 2009 in North America.

If you’re not familiar with the name Chickenfoot, you will know the guitarist Joe Satriani and the vocalist, Sammy Hagar.

This was originally included in a bundled package of their first two albums but it has since been sold separately.

chickenfoot lv

Songs On Chickenfoot LV

1 to 4 were recorded in 2012 while 5 to 9 were recorded in 2009.
1. Lighten Up
2. Big Foot
3. Last Temptation
4. Something Going Wrong
5. Oh Yeah
6. Down The Drain
7. Turnin’ Left
8. My Kinda Girl
9. Learning To Fall


Buying Chickenfoot LV

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