Bad Company Live In Concert 1977 & 1979

Live In Concert 1977 & 1979 is a live album by Bad Company.

It captures two concerts, two years apart:

  • CD 1 was recorded at The Summit, Houston, Texas on 23rd May 1977.
  • CD was recorded at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979.
  • one song, Hey Joe, comes from the show in Washington, DC.on June 26, 1979.

For some strange reason, it has taken nearly 40 years for Bad Company to release an official live album from their 1970s prime time. Mick Ralphs released Live In Albuquerque which captured a 1976 concert but other members of the band complained and it was immediately withdrawn.

Sadly I’d argue that the band was by this time in decline, peaking with their first  two studio albums.

  • Bad Company Live In Concert 1977 & 1979

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Songs On Bad Company Live In Concert 1977 & 1979

Disc: 1 Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977

1. Burnin’ Sky
2. Too Bad
3. Ready For Love
4. Heartbeat
5. Morning Sun
6. Man Needs Woman
7. Leaving You
8. Shooting Star
9. Simple Man
10. Movin’ On
11. Like Water
12. Live For The Music
13. ii. Drum Solo
14. Good Lovin’ Gone Bad
15. Feel Like Makin’ Love

Disc: 2 Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979
1. Bad Company
2. Gone, Gone, Gone
3. Shooting Star
4. Rhythm Machine
5. Oh, Atlanta
6. She Brings Me Love
7. Run With The Pack
8. Evil Wind
9. Drum Solo
10. Honey Child
11. Rock Steady
12. Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy
13. Hey Joe (Live at Capitol Center, Washington, DC 26th June 1979)
14. Feel Like Makin’ Love
15. Can’t Get Enough

I saw the band at the City Hall in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1979 and I thought they were shockingly bad for the first few songs but then picked up.

I’d criticise both set lists for being short of their classic songs and with too many from their most recent albums.

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