Deep Purple This Time Around 1975

This Time Around: Live in Tokyo is a live album by Deep Purple Mark 4 (with Tommy Bolin) recorded in December 1975.

The concert has previously been released as Last Concert In Japan but this is to be avoided. There were rumours that Tommy Bolin was unable to play his guitar properly that night but things sound much better in this version.

An even more dynamic concert from Mark 4 is available as On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat.

Deep Purple This Time Around

Deep Purple This Time Around

Set List

Disc 1

  1. Burn – 8:08 (originally on the studio album Burn)
  2. Lady Luck – 2:58 (Come Taste the Band)
  3. Love Child – 4:29 (Come Taste the Band)
  4. Gettin’ Tighter – 16:02 (Come Taste the Band)
  5. Smoke on the Water / Georgia on My Mind – 9:31 (Machine Head)
  6. Wild Dogs – 6:05 (from the Tommy Bolin solo album Teaser)

Disc 2

  1. I Need Love – 5:47  (Come Taste the Band)
  2. Soldier of Fortune – 1:47 ( (Stormbringer))
  3. Jon Lord Solo – 9:43
  4. Lazy (including a drum solo) – 13:07 (Machine Head)
  5. This Time Around – 3:38  (Come Taste the Band)
  6. Owed to G – 3:29  (Come Taste the Band)
  7. Tommy Bolin Guitar Solo – 7:09
  8. Drifter – 4:55  (Come Taste the Band)
  9. You Keep on Moving – 5:59  (Come Taste the Band)
  10. Stormbringer – 8:51 (Stormbringer)
  11. Highway Star – 7:30  (Machine Head)

If On The Wings Over A Russian Foxbat is generally acknowledged as the better performance, can This Time Around be justified based on its differences in the set list?


It’s got more from Come Taste The Band – I Need Love, Owed to G , Drifter and You Keep on Moving. It’s got a different Tommy Bolin solo album song and it’s got a short version of Soldier of Fortune from Stormbringer.

If I saw the album available as an mp3 download, I’d grab it but it’s going to take a very good price to get me to buy the entire album given its reputation.

This version is a big improvement on Last Concert In Japan.

The band was:

David Coverdale – lead vocals
Tommy Bolin – guitar, backing vocals
Glenn Hughes – bass, backing vocals
Ian Paice – drums
Jon Lord – keyboards, backing vocals

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Buying Deep Purple This Time Around

It is available from

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