Lone Star BBC Live In Concert

BBC Live In Concert is a live album by the heavy progressive Welsh rock group Lone Star and pulls together short sets from 1976 and 1977.

Between these two concerts, Lone Star changed their lead singer from Kenny Driscoll to John Sloman. After Lone Star broke up, Sloman went on to sing with Uriah Heep.

I saw them at the Reading festival in August 1977, just after their second album Firing On All Six was released.

lone star live in concert

Set 1 – recorded September 1976 (from the Paris Theatre London while supporting Mott)

  • 1. A Million Stars(originally on their first album Lone Star)
  • 2. Lonely Soldier (Lone Star)
  • 3. Hypnotic Mover (a preview on the song that appears the next year on Firing On All Six)
  • 4. She Said She Said (this is a cover of The Beatles song from Revolver that appears on Lone Star)

Set 2 – recorded September 1977 (from the Queen Mary College in London when sharing a bill with Pat Travers)

  • 5. She Said She Said (Lone Star)
  • 6. Crafty Jack (Firing On All Six)
  • 7. Bells Of Berlin (Firing On All Six)
  • 8. Flying In The Reel (Lone Star)

This song isn’t on the album but it gives you an idea of Lone Star as a band. This singer is John Sloman.

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