George Harrison Concert for Bangladesh 1971

The Concert For Bangladesh is a live album by George Harrison and Friends.

It was recorded at Madison Square Garden in New York on 1 August 1971. This was a charity event to raise money to help the refugees of the Bangladesh Liberation War between east Pakistan and West Pakistan that eventually created the independent country of Bangladesh.

Harrison used his fame to bring together a group of stars including fellow ex-Beatle Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Leon Russell, Billy Preston and Ravi Shankar.

Disputes between the record companies delayed the release of the album until December 1971 in the USA and January 1972 in the UK. While the concert and album reflected well on the stars involved, the record companies behaved very badly, even allegedly encouraging the retailers to mark up the album to gain extra profits for themselves.

This is an important album because it proved that rock stars could make a difference and went on to inspire Live Aid and other charity concerts.

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George Harrison Live In Japan 1991

In December 1991, after his revival with the Traveling Wilburys, Eric Clapton convinced former Beatle, George Harrison to go on tour in Japan. What happened is recorded on this Live In Japan album.

I ache for a live album from The Beatles recorded around 1969. I know it can’t happen because they gave up touring a few years earlier but I’d love to hear live versions of the songs from Revolver, Sergeant Pepper, The White Album, Abbey Road and Let It Be.

I came up with the idea of Paul McCartney plays The Beatles live because he regularly performs plenty of his classic tunes ad started to speculate on what songs I’d love to hear that John Lennon wrote. I didn’t really think about adding in George Harrison’s songs too but after hearing Live In Japan, I realise that was a mistake.

George Harrison Live In Japan – Overall rating 24/30

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