The Beatles Live At The Hollywood Bowl 1964 & 1965

The most notable thing about The Beatles Live At Hollywood Bowl can be summed up in three words:




Whatever the Fab Four play, it’s hard to look past the hysterical screaming of the frenzied fans.

The Overall Rating For The Beatles Live At The Hollywood Bowl – 21/30

The Beatles Live At The Hollywood BowlSet List Rating – 7/10

  1. Twist and Shout (30 August 1965) – 1:32
  2. She’s a Woman (30 August 1965) – 2:53
  3. Dizzy Miss Lizzy (29/30 August 1965) – 3:37
  4. Ticket to Ride (29 August 1965) – 2:51
  5. Can’t Buy Me Love (30 August 1965) – 2:16
  6. Things We Said Today (23 August 1964) – 2:20
  7. Roll Over Beethoven (23 August 1964) – 2:28
  8. Boys (23 August 1964) – 2:12
  9. A Hard Day’s Night (30 August 1965) – 3:15
  10. Help! (29 August 1965) – 2:46
  11. All My Loving (23 August 1964) – 2:14
  12. She Loves You (23 August 1964) – 2:31
  13. Long Tall Sally (23 August 1964) – 2:53

The album has drawn its songs from one concert in 1964 and two gigs in 1965.

It’s only 33 minutes long and was first released as an LP in 1977. I understand that it has never been officially released as a CD.

It’s a big frustration that The Beatles stopped touring in 1966 and the only chance we’ve got to hear many of the later Beatles classics live in by listening to the Paul McCartney live albums.

Performance Rating – 7/10

Once you get past the screaming, the Beatles come across as a very competent live band. I can’t say too much because I find it difficult to listen to.

I’d have thought that it was tough to concentrate when the audience are so frenzied. Ringo’s role is essential to keep the group together.

Atmosphere & Authenticity Rating – 7/10

I guess that this was very much what it was like to see The Beatles live but I’m not convinced that it would be pleasurable.

Sure you have a great story to tell… the day I saw The Beatles…

There’s some nice chat from the group but that just drove the crowd even wilder.

I haven’t thought that I’d want the crowd edited out of a live album before but I think, if they ever decide to reissue it on CD, it would be nice to have one version where the crowd is taken off. that way we can hear the Fab Four being fab.

Total Rating For The Beatles Live At The Hollywood Bowl – 21/30

I’ve mixed feelings about this album.

On the one hand, it is a treat to hear The Beatles play live.

On the other hand, the set list is short, quite limited and the crowd screaming seems funny at the start but it quickly gets irritating.

It’s not essential. When I want to listen to The Beatles I turn to the studio albums and compilations OR if it’s the songs I want, Paul McCartney does some very spirited versions on his live albums. I know it’s not the Beatles but it’s still one of the main voices of The Beatles.

I’m glad I’ve heard it and I go back to it occasionally for old time’s sake but the audience screaming is really oppressive.

What Others Say About This Beatles Live Album

The only time I’ve seen it included in the greatest live albums ever lists is:     85

The reaction from the reviewers at Amazon is better than I would have expected.


Buying Live At The Hollywood Bowl

This live album by The Beatles hasn’t received an official release in the UK or the USA but there is a Japanese import which you can get from or eBay if you are desperate to own and hear this album.

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